Peter Brambles Rockingham Adventure

Here is a little story of my adventure at Rockingham

Peter Bramble Rockingham

    I like many people enter competitions but never win but I did. I entered a competition to win a passenger ride at brands hatch in a tandem Formula one car  but  I did  not think that I had won until I had a phone call from Motorsport news to say that the Brands Hatch had not occurred due to mechanical problems but in a redraw I had won a trip in a Champ car at Rockingham.

    My friend Paul and I travelled to Rockingham one cold but dry day, we booked in at reception and waited in the cafe overlooking the track until it was our booked time. The Champ car came out onto the track did three laps and went back into it's garage the Bramble mechanical jink had struck  again.

We made our way to the other side of the track to the garage where we had to book in again and struggle into a race suit and helmet tat was slightly too big for me.

   The Champcar came out again did three laps and went back to its garage.

There was also a racing pickup truck there and we were offered an alternative ride which I agreed to. The mechanics must have found the correct hammer to hit it with because the champ car came out again and stayed out.

    Before it was my turn in the car a 93 year old great grandmother was going to have a go. This meant if she did it if I didn't like the the ride I couldn't chicken out or scream like a little girly. The grandmother did her three laps and after having her photo taken  it was my turn. getting into the car is not easy as you have to stand on the side panels and drop yourself into the passenger seat, with your legs either side of the driver.

Being behind the driver you have no forward vision.

   We accelerated out of the pits and the g-forces really pull at your neck muscles as you lean out to view the track, and the concrete wall seems particularly hard as you pass it . Because the helmet was too big at speed it wanted to take off with my neck attached. Even thought we weren't going at full race speed it was a great experience and one I would recommend.

    Besides the champcar and the pickup Rockingham has various other motor sport experiences including skid control which a few unkind people say I need.

    Overall it was a great day out I shall have to hope I win another competition.


Peter Bramble Rockingham