Grass Roots Motorsport

Participation in Grass Roots Motorsport via Kilsby MG Club.

An important benefit of membership of a recognised motoring club such as Kilsby MG Club is that it enables access to compete in various low cost motorsport events. There is a whole range of competitive, low cost, safe and above all FUN events out there that are surprisingly easy to enter and participate in. These events are professionally but informally run. Newcomers are usually made welcome and given assistance and help. Most events have novice awards to encourage newcomers, but participation alone is guaranteed to provide an enjoyable day out.

This is achieved through events that are directly organised by regional or specialist groups (ie. regional centres, registers, branches, MG’s-on-track etc) of the MG Car Club, or by reciprocal agreements that the MGCC has with other organising bodies such as the BTRDA & the Falcon Motor Club.

Events organised by any of these bodies comply with the appropriate MSA motor sports regulations and are safely run by responsible organising teams

The four most popular and easily entered types of event are:


Timed driving tests around cones etc.... on tarmac surfaces in a forward direction only. Speeds are relatively low. Ideal for newcomers and designed for standard road cars

Entry Requirements:


Minimum age 16,

Typical entry fee 25.00

Helmet, overalls, racing licence etc.. NOT REQUIRED


Similar to Autosolos but requiring use of reverse gear and usually "handbrake turns etc.

Standard or modified roadgoing cars.

Entry Requirements: MOT, Minimum age 16, Typical entry fee 25.00

Cars are scrutineered to ensure safety compliance

Helmet, overalls, NOT REQUIRED, but MSA "B" licence required for some larger events

Car Trials

Non-timed climbing of grassy, often slippery slopes, where the objective is to get as far up the slope as possible before losing traction. Classes for all types of roadgoing car, from standard modern production saloons to 2 seat open "specials"

Entry Requirements: MOT, Driver Minimum age 15 (with road licenced passenger),

passenger minimum age 12. Typical entry fee 25.00

Helmet, overalls, racing licence etc NOT REQUIRED

Track days

Non-racing laps of most well known racing circuits at whatever speed the car and driver is comfortable with. Beginners sessions and tuition are available. Open to all classes of car in all states of preparation, but including standard roadgoing examples, who often have a session to themselves.

Entry Requirements: Road licence, Typical entry fee 40-100, Helmet, seat belts. Racing licence etc NOT REQUIRED

Costly or elaborately prepared vehicles are not necessary for these events.

Small sports cars and saloons are ideal

Typical Low cost MG cars that are eligible include:

MG ZR/ZS, MG Midget, MGB, MGF, MG Metro.

Typical Low cost non- MG cars include:

Vauxhall Nova/Corsa, Mini, Hillman Imp, Peugeot 205, Fiat Panda, Nissan Micra,

Citroen AX/Visa/Saxo Ford Fiesta/Escort (all models), VW Golf, some Suzuki.

Kit cars such as Duttons, NGs, Spartans, Marlins, etc

Even the humble Morris Minor can be and is used competitively.


In most cases the basic minimum requirement is a road legal vehicle in standard condition with a current MOT.

As interest and experience is gained, various modifications can be made which may, according to the event, include weight reduction, suspension and braking modifications, engine tuning, gear ratios etc.

These modifications need not be unduly expensive and can be implemented on a progressive basis as necessary, according to time, money and skill.

Other types of event

Entry to Circuit racing, Sprints and Speed Hillclimbs is also possible although vehicle

preparation is more stringent and there are licencing, helmet and clothing requirements.

Although Kilsby MG club is mainly oriented around social and road going activities, we do have members who participate in Car Trials, Auto tests and Track days. We also have members who compete in Circuit Racing, and we occasionally provide marshals for trials, rallying and circuit racing.

So, if you would like to get involved in some form of club level motorsport, there will be someone on hand who will be pleased to help and advise.


We meet from 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month at The George Hotel, Kilsby However please be aware that you will need to join the MG Car Club (currently 36 pa) in order to participate in events

Useful websites:  - Local MG club affiliated to the MGCC, MGOC & MGOCC.  - MG Car Club, includes links to MGCC promoted Autotests, Trials, Sprints and Circuit Racing championships  - MG track days (part of the MGCC)  - British Trials and Rally Drivers Association Trials, Autotests, Autosolos, Rally (note: BTRDA first year membership is free for under 25s)  - Falcon Motor Club.. .mainly Trials and Autotests



This information is to the best of our knowledge correct, but potential entrants should check with the organiser of that event. Kilsby MG Club can accept no liability for any incident arising from participation in any competitive event.